Understanding blockages around the house

Keep your sink cleanInternal Drain unblocking by Blocked Drain Oxford: very often you will find that you have an internal blockage in your house. It might be coming from a sink. It is very common for sinks to become blocked from people using them over time and certain things going down the drain that will cause the pipe to become blocked.

Take a kitchen sink for example. The fat that is put down the drain will become solid after time if it is not flushed away. There are also bends and turns on the pipe that will allow a build up to occur so fatty substances will become blocked. Soap is also oily so when mixed with hair will block in the drains causing them to eventually fill with a sold substance that does not allow the water to pass through.

Do not flush any foreign objects down the toiletBlocked Toilet: Toilets are blocked because people put too much paper down the toilet and cause a blockage on the bend or within the waste pipe that takes away the waste.

Sometimes people will put too much tissue down the toilet and the toilet will become blocked. This can normally be solved by plunging the toilet and shifting the blockage along. Releasing the simple blockage is cheap and quick to do. It is when prevention techniques are not adhered to and the blockage has gets flushed down the toilet and causes a blockage further down the pipe that this really causes a problem.

External Drains and serious blockages

The real fun starts when the blockage is not simple and cannot be unblocked internally with plunging or simply from within the property. The blockage may be a big one and cause a blockage in one of the pipes in the garden or the outside area of your property. A plunger will be no use at this point and the rods will be the next step. Rods can push along a stubborn blockage that is blocking the main evacuation route for the naughty blockage. Things like big balls of tissue that have caused the blockage can usually be remedied with some water and a push from extendable rods that can reach several metres away.

Using manual rodding method

Bring out the big boy. When the tough gets going the pressure hose comes out to play. the high pressure hoses will send many litres of water along many meters of hose to clear a blockage that may be many meters down the line.

Remember, however, these are the jobs can potentially be avoided through techniques and knowing how to tell you drain is blocked.