Prevention of issues

Prevent the disasterIt’s always better to prevent a blockage rather than have to deal with the horror of raw sewage pumping though your property over your new carpets. That is the last thing you want to have to experience.

So what can you do to ensure you do not become the next victim of a drainage nightmare? For a start, you don’t want to flush large items down the drain.

This will mean that any large items will be prevented from going down the drain. The last thing you want is those big items escaping down the drain and finding their way into your drainage system. That will mean a blockage for you if the drain won’t let it through.

  • Get a quality plunger and learn how to use it

The plunger is the tool to use for many blockages around the house. By simply plunging simple blockages in the toilet and the sink you can remedy many internal drain problems. It’s when the slow running drain is a result of an external blockage that you will have to call a team of drain experts to resolve your issue.

  • Dispose of all food waste in the bin before you wash your plate

Why chuck that chicken bone down the drain when it should be in the bin. That’s just lazy. Make sure that your lazy partner is not blocking the kitchen sink by stuffing any old junk from a potato to a pizza down the drain putting a strain on the old boy.

  • If washing oil/grease down the kitchen sink, make sure you have a suitable detergent to stop the fatty substances from sticking to the pipes

A small amount of grease and oil is inevitable but remember over time that this will block the pipe unless you wash it down with a drain cleaner or some boiling water and soda crystals from time to time to help dissolve the grease.

  • Never flush nappies, wet wipes or cotton buds down the loo

Who in their right mind would put a nappy down the drain? This does happen and if we have to tell you that it will block the drain you will not be surprised. Expect the nappy along with some other sewage to visit yo in the near future.

  • Remove any leaves/ debris from around the drain

No point in letting nature fill you drain with leaves. Make sure that you have a cover or grill over the drain hole so it does not fill with leaves and debris.

Another tip we recommend is learning how you can tell your drain is blocked. This way, you can make sure you call a member of Oxford Drain Unblockers as soon as the drain is blocked, not letting the issue get out of hands. There are a few ways to do this, and it takes very little time to learn.

Toilet Maintenance To Prevent Blocked Drains

Despite the friendly and experienced staff at Blocked Drain Oxford, we understand that you’d rather not have to call us out and whereas some people like to wait until a problem occurs, then fix it, other people are more mindful and don’t mind taking precautionary steps to prevent or even just reduce the volume of calls to maintenance and repairs companies. One of the worst problems a homeowner can face is a blocked toilet, our team specialises in emergency call outs for blocked drains and toilets but what about the little things you can do to prevent the need of an emergency call out. Well firstly a lot of problems or issues with toilets can be identified as present by peculiar sounds, if your toilet isn’t making it’s regular flushing or you’re hearing more noise than usual when you flush, this could be one indicator that your toilet needs some maintenance. Most of the time different sounds when flushing will only be flushing mechanism problems and can be solved very quickly. However when it’s not the flushing mechanism that’s broken then it could also be being caused by a obstructed water flow, this will need to be checked out and resolved quickly. We also think that a strong flush action on a toilet is essential in maintaining unblocked drains. Weak flushing actions on toilets can cause major problems if not resolved and acted upon quickly. Any concerns or issues? Don’t hesitate to call us on: 0186 580 3496 When it comes to blocked drains it’s easier and cheaper to reach a solution fast, that’s why we’re on hand 24/7 to deal with your calls.