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How do you know if your drain is blocked?

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Signs of blocked sinksWhen there is a blockage in your toilet, you may notice the water rising with each flush, and there may even be some overflow. This can be a particularly risky health hazard, as the blockage may be coming from the sewage pipes, causing the toilet to overflow with sewage water. If this contaminates your bathroom, the bacteria from the sewage water can cause serious health problems to you and everyone in your household.

You can also tell if your drains are blocked by the sounds coming from them. If there is a gurgling sound from pipes, plug holes, drains, or toilet flushes then it indicates a blockage. The sound is made when air is trapped due to the blockage being dislodged and pushed through the drainage system.

One important factor in determining whether you have a blockage or not is if your neighbours are experiencing the same problems. If they are not, then it is likely that you have a blocked pipe somewhere in your household. However, if others in your area are afflicted with the same issue then there may be a problem somewhere in the public sewer system, in which case you would need to contact the council. A problem with the sewage systems is also more likely if you are experiencing problems with all the plumbing appliances in your household, as opposed to just one.

Any of these signs on their own are a cause for concern, but if you are noticing two or three at the same time then the problem may be much more severe than you thought. So if you have seen any of these warning signs, we recommend calling us at Block Drain Oxford drain technician as soon as you spot these warning signs.