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How do you know if your drain is blocked?

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blocked sink silverWhen a blockage forms in a drain, it becomes increasingly hard not to notice. There are many indicators for a blockage, and it is important that as soon as you spot something’s wrong with your drains you call a professional drain technician. When left ignored, blockages can grow in size ultimately causing more damage and more expense.

The biggest sign that you’ve got a blockage is the water draining slowly in your drains. With particularly bad blockages, water may not drain away at all and you may end up left with an overflow of dirty water. This could be in your kitchen sink, where you will notice that the water does not drain quickly, which could be due to a build up of foods and greasy substances that have been incorrectly disposed of down the sink. This sort of blockage may also cause a foul smell to come from the drains, which is another indicator for a blocked pipe. Bad odors are often the first hint to a blockage, appearing before many other indicators. If there is a buildup of waste in the pipes that is blocking the drains then the waste will start to rot over time which can give off a foul odor, so if you notice any bad smells coming from your drains it is important to act right away before the problem can get worse.

You can also check for blockages in your external drains and manhole covers – water may rise in these drains if there is a blocked pipe somewhere on your property. For any more tips from Blocked Drains Oxford, don’t hesitate to get in touch.